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girlTake a deep breath. Because the future of indoor air quality is about to change. Now there is puriseal,™ with pūribond a unique, cleaner alternative to conventional fibrous insulation. puriseal,™ with pūribond resists microbial growth, there are no irritating fibers. No glue. No mess. No harm. It’s pure genius.

Benefit your employees and customers today by joining the growing number of states and countries that are leading the transition to cleaner air.

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Sponge & Foam Products
Rubber or plastics, open or closed-cell, flame resistant, with or without pressure sensitive adhesives, So what does this mean to you? Choices. Name the job. We'll provide strip, rolls, die-cut, kiss-cut, extruded or molded parts in the material that best suits your application. It's your choice!

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